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June 2016

True Drinks Announces the “Aquaball Pledge”

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IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – June 15, 2016) – True Drinks Holdings, Inc. (TRUU), a healthy beverage provider and maker of children's beverage, AquaBall, today announced the launch of the AquaBall Pledge and Brand Ambassador program. These programs continue the Company's focus on educating, connecting and uniting parents in providing healthier options for children. AquaBall is leading the way by offering the only zero sugar, zero preservative, zero calorie children's beverage on the market.
The AquaBall Pledge is the launch of a national campaign encouraging children to make one healthy choice a day by reducing sugar in their diets. When a child 'Takes the AquaBall Pledge' they are joining in the battle against childhood obesity and diabetes and choosing healthier options. The children are sent a wristband, a coupon for a free AquaBall and merchandise. As they complete each month a new wristband is sent out to them, with a new color. Once they complete three month..

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