Bazi is the only all-natural energy drink with 8 superfruits available today. With naturally energizing antioxidants and powerful nutrients—but no mysterious, unpronounceable chemicals—Bazi is the only energy drink that delivers energy plus nutrition in one!

Bazi has no preservatives, lower calories and is extra energized with D-Ribose so that Bazi gives you energy that lasts longer and recharges faster! Plus Bazi has that berry taste you can only get from REAL juice in every serving.

True Drinks’ Bazi All-Natural Energy is a 2-ounce blend of 8 incredible super-fruits, combined with Ribose to create the perfect combination of natural energizing antioxidatns and powerful nutrients in one simple drink.

True to the our mission, there are no artificial colors or flavors in Bazi All Natural Energy. Everything you taste and everything you see in Bazi is a result of the different fruits and natural ingredients that make Bazi such a powerful natural energy drink.

True Drinks stands behind Bazi All Natural Energy as the only Energy Drink that it is free of all banned substances as outlined by the World Doping Association (WADA). Bazi All Natural Energy is an energy drink designed with needs of honest athletes everywhere.

Bazi All Natural Energy is only available online through the company’s website,

Through a robust online sales and marketing program, Bazi is shipped everyday to direct to the door of customers around the country.  Loyal customers have the opportunity to promote Bazi through an affiliate sales program and receive additional compensation any sales they refer.